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Here you'll find details of our latest titles as well as our extensive backlist - all available to order online. You can also find special editions and rare out of print titles – and much more. Make sure that you join our mailing list to be kept up to date with our publishing programme. 

NEW RELEASES: We've got several new books just released or appearing over the next few months. 

Toy Soldiers by Simon Brann Thorpe, The Queen's Backyard by Anderson & Low, The Quiet Town of Tipton by Mahtab Hussain, The Gardener by Jan Brykczynski, Bitter Honeydew by Kirill Golovchenko, and Maybe by Phillip Toledano. Details of new titles by Bruce GildenHans Eijkelboom, Elin Høyland and Rob Ball will also be announced shortly.

The Epilogue is now out of print and Landscape and Industry is down to the last few copies. Stock of Jo Metson Scott's The Grey Line and Charles Fréger's Wilder Mann is now also very low - so be quick if you want a copy.

All future titles can be pre-ordered. Many books sell out in a matter of a few months and so it's well worth making sure you reserve a copy. If you decide later to cancel your pre-order then it's not a problem for us to arrange. 

The website is pretty comprehensive and features close to 200 of our titles. If you spot any glitches then do let us know on mail@dewilewispublishing.com

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