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Here you'll find details of our latest titles as well as our extensive backlist - all available to order online. You can also find special editions and rare out of print titles – and much more. Make sure that you join our mailing list to be kept up to date with our publishing programme. 

NEW RELEASES: We've been busy over the last few months and there are several new books just released or appearing in the next month or so. 

Face by Bruce Gilden - which is currently generating massive interest, The Street & Modern LIfe by Hans Eijkelboom, The Heavens by Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti, Dreamlands by Rob Ball, Toy Soldiers by Simon Brann Thorpe, The Queen's Backyard by Anderson & Low, The Quiet Town of Tipton by Mahtab Hussain, The Gardener by Jan Brykczynski, Bitter Honeydew by Kirill Golovchenko, Maybe by Phillip Toledano and Brother|Sister by Elin Høyland.

You can also check out our RARE & OUT OF PRINT section. There you'll find books such as Laia Abril's out of print The Epilogue and other highly collectable books. 

All future titles can be pre-ordered. Many books sell out in a matter of a few months and so it's well worth making sure you reserve a copy. If you decide later to cancel your pre-order then it's not a problem for us to arrange. 

The website is pretty comprehensive and features close to 200 of our titles. If you spot any glitches then do let us know on mail@dewilewispublishing.com

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