Arles 2015

Come along and meet some the photographers that we publish. We'll be at Cosmos in Magasin Électrique from Monday July 6th to Saturday July 11th. 

Dates and times are correct as of today but please check later as things may change. 


Tuesday 7th July 5.30pm
Meet the Photographer

Martin Parr will be signing copies of his recent book Black Country Stories. He will also be signing copies of his classic book Common Sense. 

Black Country Stories is a body of work commissioned by Multistory. Parr has explored workplaces, temples, churches, shops, clubs and societies. Wary of neglecting the day-to-day experience, he also photographed in the Merry Hill Shopping Centre, in shops such as Tesco, in bars, clubs and nightclubs as well as in leisure facilities such as gyms, sports centres and spas. Common Sense depicts images of global consumerism in glorious colour. The work was first exhibited  in 1999 and was staged in forty one venues in seventeen countries. We have a limited number of copies of the first edition available - it's about to go out of print - and we're not charging a premium.


Wednesday 8th July 2.00pm

Meet the Photographer

Simon Norfolk will be signing Burke + Norfolk
Giacomo Brunelli
will be signing Eternal London

Simon Norfolk has been described by one critic as ‘the leading documentary photographer of our time. Passionate, intelligent and political; there is no one working in photography that has his vision or his clarity.’ The work from Burke + Norfolk was exhibited in a solo show at Tate Modern in 2011.

Eternal London was commissioned by The Photographers Gallery, London. Giacomo Brunelli uses his distinct film-noir style to create a unique and evocative view of the city. Now out of print we have very few copies available.


Wednesday 8th July 5.00pm
Book launch and book signing

Hans Eijkelboom

Hans Eijkelboom works in the street, the constantly changing territory which connects us, and which is part of the process that forms our culture. Photographed in Birmingham, UK, The Street & Modern Life was commissioned by Multistory. Hans Eijkelboom is a Dutch artist who works with photography. Internationally recognised, he has published more than 50 books and publications. A major show was exhibited at Rencontres d’Arles in 2014.


Thursday 9th July 2.00pm
Meet the photographer

The following photographers will be signing copies of their recent books:

Susan Barnett - T: A Typology of T-Shirts
Sylvie Huet - A Story of Bears
Dougie Wallace - Stags, Hens & Bunnies


Thursday 9th July 5.00pm
Book launch and signings

Ambroise Tézenas

Simon Brann Thorpe

I Was Here, Dark Tourism is part of the main Rencontres programme and is exhibited at Grande Halle, Parc des Ateliers. Ambroise Tézenas has visited over a dozen major sites of dark tourism across the world – from Cambodia to Rwanda, Lebanon to Lithuania, Ukraine to the United States. These are sites developed for tourism and linked to death, assassination, incarceration, mass killing and tragedy. TOY SOLDIERS. October 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the outbreak of conflict in Western Sahara. It is a conflict that remains unresolved. Simon Brann Thorpe blurs the boundaries between document, landscape and concept-based photography to explore this conflict.


Thursday 9th July 6.00pm
Book launch and signing

Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti

The Heavens is part of the main Rencontres programme and is exhibited at Palais de l’Archevëché. Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimberti have spent over two years travelling to the offshore centres that embody tax avoidance, secrecy, offshore banking and extreme wealth. Their photographs reveal a world of exploitation and privilege that distorts the financial markets and benefits those that already have the most. The book is presented as if it were an annual report and the accompanying text by author Nicholas Shaxson presents a clear insight into how these tax havens feed into the global economy and how they impact not only on the world of business but also on our everyday lives


Friday 10th July 5.00pm
Book launch and signing

Phillip Toledano

Phillip Toledano currently has a major retrospective at Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, as the central exhibit of Hamburg Triennale. The exhibition includes some 160 works from six selected series. The most recent series Maybe is exhibited for the first time and published in the book. Maybe as well as three further titles will be available – When I Was Six, The Reluctant Father and A New Kind Of Beauty.