Division Street


'Division Street' has been shortlisted for the 2022 Lucie Photo Book Prize.

Also available through our USA website - www.dewilewis-usa.com


A  story of lives lived on hard streets, amongst staggering wealth and empty promises, told through photos, found text and first-person narratives.

In 2016, when the Super Bowl came to San Francisco, the unhoused were ‘urged’ to move to the ironically named Division Street where, city officers hoped, they would be ‘invisible’. Amid the unlimited wealth and consumption of that ‘super’ week, the unhoused went about their lives, crowded together in their tents or sleeping rough on the ground. There were no facilities, no promises of permanent housing were given.

Division Street is where this project began and from which it gets its name. The voices of the unhoused are integral to this project. First-person storytelling, messages left on the street, media headlines and politicians’ characterizations make Division Street a collaboration between many communities.

Division Street, through photographs and words, becomes a metaphor for the ‘division’ of communities, between the wealth of the few and the expendability of the many, in San Francisco, in the USA and across the World.

£35.00 / $49.00 hardback
144 pages, 99 duotone and 13 colour photographs
235mm x 295mm
ISBN: 978-1-911306-82-5


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