Charles Fréger's Wilder Mann is at last back in stock. We now also have copies available again of Restricted Areas by Danila Tkachenko and Giacomo Brunelli's The Animals and Eternal London

Several titles are very low on stock: Harrodsburg by Dougie Wallace The House Of The Seven Women by Tito Mouraz, We expect Farmed by Paul Hart and Face by Bruce Gilden to be out of stock in a week or two. 

We'll shortly be announcing several new titles. And in case you missed our recent releases here are a few: Passport by Alexander Chekmenev;  Push The Sky Away by Piotr Zbierski; and Shout It Loud, Shout It Clear by John Comino-James. Other titles such as The Teds by Chris Steele-Perkins and Once A Year by Homer Sykes (both revised editions of 1970's classics) continue to create a lot of interest as do Catherine Balet's Looking For The Masters In Ricardo's Golden Shoes and Paddy Summerfield's evocative The Oxford Pictures 1968-1978. 

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All future titles can be pre-ordered. Many books sell out incredibly quickly and so it's well worth making sure you reserve a copy. If you decide later to cancel your pre-order then it's not a problem for us to arrange.

The website is pretty comprehensive and features some 200 of our titles. If you spot any glitches then do let us know on mail@dewilewispublishing.com

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