We do not currently publish fiction and do not accept FICTION submissions.


We welcome submissions from photographers anywhere and everywhere. But please remember we get several hundreds of submissions every year and we can publish very, very few of them. Please make sure that you've looked at our web site so you can get a proper sense of what we publish.

Photobooks are expensive to produce and the market has got increasingly difficult over recent years. Consequently we've had to become more cautious. We're increasingly finding that we can only successfully publish established international names, projects with major exhibitions or those that come with sufficient funding to underwrite the risk. There are only very few first books that we're able to do with emerging photographers unless they are funded.

We have introduced fixed periods for reviewing work.
Our next open submission is November 25th to December 6th 2024. 
Submissions received outside our review dates will be held to the next review date.

We're looking for projects of quality, which are fresh, powerful and unique. Publishing schedules mean that we're generally planning up to 12 months in advance. We're publishing books for an international audience and you should consider this when proposing a project. We're unlikely to be interested in something which is too specific to one country or geographical region. Please also remember that we must be able to sell the books we publish so please be realistic when assessing your project. Just because your friends and family say it would make a great book doesn't mean that anyone would buy it.

Because of the number of submissions we receive we simply can't meet with you in the first instance. We therefore ask that you submit your project by post or email as indicated in the instructions below.


We have a two stage procedure. What we want from you in the first instance is the following

• a brief one page synopsis describing the project

• a one page CV

• If you're sending by post then please include a CD or memory stick with images presented in a way that shows how you imagine the book sequence. The ideal is a sequenced PDF but a slide show format is also acceptable if you can't supply a pdf.

• If you're sending by email please only send a sequenced pdf. Please make sure that this is not an enormous file size. 

• Please provide a current email address. We won't acknowledge receipt of your submission nor will we return it but we will need your email address in case we need to contact you. Please expect the process to take 10 to 12 weeks and sometimes longer. 

The same materials are needed if you send us an email submission. 



If your work has potential interest then we will be in contact with you for further information. This should not be seen as any intention on our part to proceed to publication but simply an our interest in finding out more about your work.

We have introduced the fixed review dates because of the immense number of submissions we receive. Please ensure that you stick to the dates we have advised otherwise your project may not be considered for several months. Please also remember that we can accept no liability for anything that is sent to us. We will however do our utmost to be careful with your materials.

Finally just to let you know that we can NOT enter into any further discussion, comment or correspondence about your work.