EPAP Competition Rules

Competition Rules

The competition is open to photographers of all nationalities other than previous winners. The promoters of the competition are the five European publishers.

All photographic material must be completed and unpublished in book form other than as a digitally printed book in an edition of no more than 10 copies.

Material must be original and be presented as a book project. Projects conceived as anthologies (rather than as clearly themed projects) are not acceptable. The photographer must hold the copyright in the work and must not have entered into any book publishing agreement in relation to the work being entered. Competitors may only present the same project once.

Whilst the decision of the Jury will be based on the quality of the project submission this should not be interpreted in any way as acceptance by the publishers that the proposed format, page size, number of pages, number of photographs, any proposed texts or other aspects of the presentation will be appropriate or acceptable for the final publication. The project leader, in consultation with the winning photographer and the other publishers, will determine the appropriate format and extent of the book and will have the final decision regarding this.

Entrants are advised to look at previous winning books to ascertain the type and format of books previously produced. As a guide, it is anticipated that the format would be within 300mm x 240mm (vertical or horizontal format) and that the book would generally comprise no more than 144 pages. The publishers are able to print a book which extends to no more than 10 press sheets of 70cm x 100cm.

All materials must be delivered, at the photographer’s own risk, to one of the listed publishers. If there is a publisher in your country of residence it should be sent to them. If not, then materials should be sent to the project leader (For 2015, Peliti Associati, Italy). The closing date for the receipt of entries will be 15th February 2015. Entries should be sent with the application form and a signed copy of the rules. Submissions may be posted from outside Europe but will only be returned to a postal address in Europe. There will be no exception to this rule.

All entries should be given a project title and should be accompanied by a short written statement (in English in addition to your native language) describing the project as factually as possible.

An entry fee of 50 Euros (£40.00) is payable towards the cost of administration and the cost of returning work. Payment should be made to the publisher to whom the entry is submitted. Please check the correct name of the publisher. Payment should be in Pounds Sterling if sent to the UK and in Euros if sent to any of the other publishers. For further payment information check the web site of the publisher you are submitting your entry to.

Work may be presented in one of the following forms:
a) a book dummy plus up to 3 original prints or transparencies;
b) a set of sequenced photocopies or inkjets plus up to 3 original prints or transparencies.
Please include a short CV with your submission.

Projects sent on disk will not be accepted.

Any items sent, including prints, should be no larger than 30cm x 40cm, and weigh no more than 2 kg in total. The promoters reserve the right to make a surcharge to cover additional return postage costs for any submissions which exceed these limits.

The promoters are not responsible for any loss or damage to materials sent. For this reason, it is recommended not to send any unique item, or exhibition or vintage prints.

The 2015 Jury will consist of the publishers, and an external juror. The publishers reserve the right to establish a preselection process prior to the final Jury.

a) The winner will be notified as soon as a decision has been made. The deliberations of the jury will not be disclosed to anyone, including entrants.
b) A shortlist of six finalists will be announced.

a) Within 10 days of notification the winning photographer will confirm in writing his or her acceptance of the Award.
b) The winner will provide the publishers with prints or hi-res scans of the photographs within 30 days of notification of winning.
c) Upon the agreement of the winning photographer to accept the award all world-wide rights for the publication of the photographs in book form shall be passed to the publishers without any further formality. This will include the assignment of copyright in the book for a 10 year period following publication. The winner shall indemnify the publishers against any infringements by the book or any part thereof of third parties’ rights.
d) It is intended that the book will be published in autumn 2015. The first edition will be published by each of the publishers in their own country and in their own language.
e) The publishers will work closely with the photographer but reserve the right to have the final decision on the sequence, the design and on all other matters relating to the publication.

a) As a consideration for the transfer provided in clause 7c the winning photographer will receive 5,000 Euros to cover royalties on the first printing up to a maximum of 5,000 copies and to cover all the expenses incurred by the photographer including the provision of prints or hi-res scans necessary for the book production.
b) The photographer will also receive 50 free copies of the book (10 copies of each language edition) delivered free of charge to one address. Additional copies can be purchased from the relevant publisher at a 50% discount of retail price with shipping charged at cost.
c) The photographer will receive a royalty of 5% on the retail price of all copies sold above the first 5,000 copies. The gross proceeds from the sale of any serial rights for the book shall be shared equally between the publisher concerned and the photographer.

a) To assist in the promotion of the book, the winner will provide free of charge publicity rights for six photographs to be chosen by the project leader.
b) The publishers will, wherever possible, seek to facilitate the organisation of exhibitions of the winner’s photographs included in the book but are unable to offer any payment towards the costs of such exhibitions. The photographer will also use his or her best efforts to research possible exhibition opportunities for the work.

Subject to the continued agreement of the festival organisers, it is intended that the Award ceremony will be held in July during the Rencontres internationales de la photographie d’Arles (France). For the Award ceremony, the publishers will bear the expense of three nights accommodation for the winner. Transport and subsistence costs will be the responsibility of the winner.