100 Leading Ladies


One hundred women, one hundred portraits, one hundred unique stories


100 Leading Ladies is a celebration of the vast and varied achievements of 100 of Britain’s influential senior women. This is a living history exploring the personal and private issues surrounding women’s success in the workplace.

The book features well-known women such as Germaine Greer, Lucinda Lampton and Kirsty Wark, as well as those who are primarily known and admired by their peers in their respective fields, such as Averil Mansfield, the UK’s first female professor of surgery. There are politicians, scientists, restauranteurs, CEOs, authors, Britain’s oldest working super model and many more. Many of them are the first women in their fields. All of them lived through a remarkable era of change that has affected us all.

Nancy Honey invited each of these Leading Ladies to choose a place where she goes for inspiration for her portrait setting. This gives the viewer further insight into the lives, personalities and character of these admirable women. Interviewed by former Times journalist Hattie Garlick, each woman, in her own words, shares valuable advice and personal reflection.

224 pages, 335mm x 245mm
ISBN: 978-1-905928-10-1