A Few Streets, A Few People



In Our Man in Havana Graham Greene wrote that ‘to each man a city consists of no more than a few streets, a few houses, a few people. Remove those few and the city no longer exists except as a pain in the memory, like the pain of an amputated leg no longer there.’

In this, his third book, John Comino-James shows us the world that is contained within just a few streets in the very ordinary neighbourhood of Cayo Hueso in Havana, Cuba. Through portraits and candid observation he builds an honest and intimate record of a small and tight-knit community. This is not the Havana of the tourist, but a city in which people go about their daily lives, dealing with the everyday realities that have resulted from decades of political isolation.

In a powerful and beautifully written afterword Comino-James intersperses his experiences of several vists to the area, with fascinating information on the history of Cuba and the city of Havana.

ISBN: 1-904587-34-8
Hardback, 156 pages

121 duotone photographs
225mm x 245mm

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Fortunate Steps
Havana: Intimations of Departure
In A Very English Town
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