America's Idea Of A Good Time



With an essay by Simon Winchester

Kate Schermerhorn's pictures have wit and charm. Sometimes their irony can be frightening. They take us on a fascinating journey through the rich gamut of America's idea of a 'good time'.
– Mary Ellen Mark

A quirky, funny, affectionate take on Americans at play.
– Nick Hall, Independent Magazine

Schermerhorn works within the tradition of great American photography to show the surreal underbelly of the USA.
– Nick Waplington

Lightheartedness, irony and affection.
– Doubletake

America’s Idea of a Good Time combines the photographs of Kate Schermerhorn and the writing of Simon Winchester (best selling author of The Surgeon of Crowthorne) in a compelling and hilarious exploration of the search for fun.

Americans do a lot of things in the name of fun. We shoot each other with paint, we bungee jump and we pretend to bungee jump. We play bingo and we bowl, we fish, we hit golf balls through clown heads and miniature churches. We even stack Oreo Cookies. It seems that life is not about expanding our minds or learning life’s lessons – it’s about bumper stickers. – Kate Schermerhorn

ISBN: 1-899235-48-5
96 pages, 104 b&w photographs
230mm x 205 mm