Driving Blind


Text by Richard James McCann

'it is very good – a trip – clear + fast+ without fear – words & images together and apart' – Robert Frank

Travel involves us in the mess and clutter of the world. What we witness is not the picturesque, but conflicting fragments of a different continuum. Travel is a relentless search for novelty, in which the self becomes de-centred. But invariably there is the background hum of residual experience, like white noise. We see things, we recognise them from our memory of similar things with similar functions. In strange places the ghost of our own expectations comes back to haunt us.

In Driving Blind
photographer A.J.Wilkinson and writer Richard James McCann have worked independently in an attempt to record that strangeness. The people and places in these photographs are not meant to be recognised. The text is not intended as a commentary. Words and images have been juxtaposed to create disinformation, to confirm the world as mystery object, resistant to replication and explanation. It is not a record of places, but a record of the feelings that those places provoked; random frames from the continuous process of scanning.

£14.99 flexicover
160 pages, 80 duotone photographs
120mm x 165mm
ISBN: 1-904587-10-0
with support from Arts Council England