Fierce Tea



Self-proclaimed performance artist, Jaisen lives in the small town of Blyth in the North East of England. Alone or with his brother and friends, he instigates ‘artistic events’ – strongly ritualistic, deeply surreal and anarchistic ‘performances’.

‘There is a fantastic sense of urgency about the way that Jaisen works – the way he plays. As though what he does is a necessity,’ says photographer, Jack Webb. For Jaisen and the others see themselves as the product of an environment for which ‘they were never qualified’. Their ‘art’ is a way to ‘adapt to the gloom around them’. This is Fierce Tea Theory.

This is a vivid, hilarious yet ultimately disturbing book. This is no straightforward documentary. All is not what it seems and is not necessarily going to be alright in the end. There is a sense of not only great laughter but also of loss and potential tragedy.

Born in London in 1973, Jack Webb combines his photographic work with lighting work on fashion and commercial projects with work on a number of personal projects. ‘Fierce Tea’ is his first book.

£15.99 hardback
104 pages, 60 colour photos
180mm x 240mm
ISBN: 1 899235-77-9
Supported by the Arts Council of England