Fluvial is a meditation on the riverside beaches of northern and central inland Portugal.

These are places with which Mouraz has a lifelong relationship and through the images he transmutes personal geography into a fictional atmosphere. And just as the river currents have shaped the natural elements, the passage of time has shaped his gaze. Irony is replaced by a kindness and gentleness towards his equals, and a fascination with form and analogy.

These are the informal moments of family life, of Portuguese society, relaxed, and at leisure. Bodies, tree trunks and river-bed rocks begin to resemble sculptures; human bodies, almost amphibious, are often reduced to the simplest of forms, shaped by light or submerged under a surface of water, with the river bed becoming almost an optical instrument.

Realistic yet dreamlike, Mouraz conveys a pagan sense of nature, creating the atmospheric effect of an infinite Sunday, a summer dream – and a visual ode to human leisure.

Tito Mouraz lives and works in Porto, Portugal, where he studied Visual Arts and Photography at the Superior Art School of Oporto. Since 2009 he has exhibited widely throughout Europe including significant exhibitions in Portugal, Finland, France, Poland, Spain, and the UK. Fluvial is Tito's second book with Dewi Lewis Publishing. The previous book The House of The Seven Women received considerable critical acclaim and is now out of print.

Tito Mouraz is represented by Módulo - Centro Difusor de Arte, Lisbon.

Hardback 120 pages
72 colour plates, 310mm x 250mm
ISBN: 978-1-911306-53-5
£35.00 UK / $50.00 USA