BURT GLINN: Havana, The Revolutionary Moment



Havana: The Revolutionary Moment presents a unique collection of rarely seen photographs by veteran Magnum photographer Burt Glinn, recording Castro’s historic entry into Havana in January 1959.

In his memoir, Glinn describes the combination of chutzpah and journalistic prescience that led him to leave a New York party and hop a plane to Havana on New Year’s Eve. This snap decision made Glinn one of three western photographers (the other two are no longer alive) to accompany Castro at that time, and the images have been virtually unseen since then. The photographs—of Fidel thronged by his fellow Cubans along the road to Havana, of troops embracing, and of fierce men and women taking up arms in the streets—are full of the revolutionary fervor and idealistic anticipation that characterized that moment in Cuban history.

The entire book, including essays by Cuban Minister of Plastic Arts Rafael Acosta de Arriba and editor Nan Richardson, as well as Burt Glinn’s “The Day Havana Fell,” is bilingual in Spanish and English. "It is an astonishing experience to look at Burt Glinn's on-the-spot photographs of Fidel Castro's 1959 triumphal march into Havana. It is an historic moment captured by a courageous master craftsman." —Studs Turkel, Pulitzer Prize–winning author

Burt Glinn first became known for his spectacular color coverage of the South Seas, Japan, Russia, Mexico and California. Collaborating with author Laurens van der Post, he has produced two books: A Portrait of All the Russias and A Portrait of Japan. Glinn was one of the original contributing editors of New York Magazine. He has authored editorial stories for magazines such as Esquire, GEO, Travel and Leisure, and Fortune, and published reportage in magazines such as LIFE and Paris-Match, covering the Sinai War, the U.S. Marine invasion of Lebanon, Castro’s takeover in Cuba, and the integration of schools in Little Rock. He is a past president of the American Society of Media Photographers, and a member of the Magnum Photographic Cooperative, having served at different times as its president and chairman of the board. He has received many awards, including the Mathew Brady Award as the Magazine Photographer of the Year from the University of Missouri and the Encyclopedia Britannica; and the Award for the Best Book of Photographic Reporting from Abroad from the Overseas Press Club. Glinn has had one-man shows at the Photographers Gallery in London and the Nikon Gallery in New York, among others. Group shows include In Our Time at the International Center of Photography, New York and major cities; and Magnum Cinema, Magnum East, and 1968, at the Newseum, New York City and Washington D.C. Born in Pittsburgh in 1925, Burt Glinn died in 2008. 


£25.00 hardback with jacket
128 pages, 83 duotone plates
298mm x 220mm
ISBN: 9781899235193