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Mouthpiece is a surprising and unusual book.

Justin Quinnell is one of the world’s leading pinhole photographers, and in this series he has used his mouth as the camera. The results are surreal, revealing and hilarious. He captures on film his visit to the dentist; portraits of friends and family; snakes, tortoises, alligators and angry cats; the everyday acts of having a bath, cleaning his teeth and eating his dinner. Perhaps even more surreal though are his landscape photographs – icons of world travel, they include Sydney Opera House, Hong Kong, St Marks Square in Venice, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and the Lincoln Memorial in Washingon.

Justin Quinnell has tirelessly promoted pinhole photography for over thirty years. A recognised expert in the subject, he regularly lectures on it both in the UK and abroad. He is also a committed Green Party member and has acted as publicist for a number of organisations including the National Cycle Network and World Pinhole Day. His CV also includes a period acting as liaison contact with Maasai tribesmen over local issues, whilst working at a safari camp in Kenya.

£9.99 Hardback 
96pages, 60 photographs
115mm x 150mm
ISBN: 1-904587-33-X