Pictures Without Borders



‘These extraordinary photographs tell the story of Bosnia’s tragedy and slow recovery better than any written record. Steve Horn’s own sensitive narrative – and his encounters with people he had photographed thirty years earlier – make this book unique.’ – Richard Holbrooke, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (1999-2001) and chief negotiator of the Dayton Peace Accords, which ended the war in Bosnia.

'… a book which declares that life is stronger than tribulation and evil, that Bosnia is enduring and everything else is a vast deception. Powerful, lyrical, and dramatic and, at the same time, filled with warmth and humanity.’ – Zlatko Dizdarevic. Sarajevo journalist, writer, and former editor of the newspaper Oslobodjenje which won international awards for keeping independent journalism alive in war-torn Bosnia.

Steve Horn first visited the Balkans in 1970. In 2003 he returned, retracing his tracks, revisiting the villages and towns of his previous trip and tracking down the people whom he had met thirty years earlier. His return was to a country and to a people that had been scarred by ten years of war, yet he found many reasons for optimism for the future – friendships were rekindled and new relationships forged. This is a poignant story, and includes several personal contributions from those he met during his travels.

Steve Horn studied with Paul Caponigro. His photographs are in many collections including Yale University, Seattle Arts Commission, and Travnik Natural History Museum, Bosnia. The book is published in association with the Bosnian Institute.

£25.00 Hardback
144 pages
220mm x 250mm
90 duotone photos

Photography / Current Affairs
ISBN: 1-904587-20-8