The Eternal Light


– Sold Out


Gottfried takes us to the centre of an explosion of pain, rage, solidarity, illusion, disillusion and love. The photographs are true Gospel. 
Lanfranco Colombo, Il Giorno

These dynamic and soulfully rendered images are deeply satisfying
Kathy Ryan, New York Times Magazine

Arlene Gottfried first came across the Eternal Light Community Singers, a New York Gospel Choir, at a Gospel Fest held in an abandoned gas station in New York’s Lower East Side. She spent four months photographing at rehearsals and at services throughout the city. As time passed she herself became a choir member and, for five years, joined in every aspect of the life of this dedicated community. These photographs are a vivid portrait of that life: intense and vibrant, they are a truly unique record.

Sadly, Arlene passed away in 2017. 

£14.99 hardback ($29.95)
80 pages. 60 colour photos
295mm x 200mm
ISBN: 978-1-899235-32-2