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Foreword by Gerry Badger

The forest interior is more architecture than landscape. Amongst the trees, your concept of time is changed. As you move deeper inside, and the outside world disappears, the wind is calmed and noise filtered, temperature is altered, and light is bounced and subdued. Some trees stand like sentinels, others are stolid in ranks, an army of trees appearing out of the dark. This apparent sanctuary of stillness can strangely transform.

It is it’s own world. Stepping into the forest is always like stepping into the unknown, with the semi-dark concealing much, revealing a little. A place sometimes mysterious, sometimes secretive, but always seductive and always dark.

A prize winner at the 2008 Prix de la Photographie Paris, Paul Hart is fast becoming one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers. His work is used by Ilford-Photo to promote their black and white paper range worldwide.

Born in the UK in 1961, Hart worked for six years in advertising photography, travelling throughout Europe and the USA, before embarking on a freelance career focusing more on the natural world. His images have been used internationally for advertising, publishing and editorial. Since 2000 Hart has concentrated solely on personal projects. Truncated is his first book.

ISBN: 978-1-904587-69-9
Hardback, 72 pages
34 duotone photos, 295mm x 295mm