Foreword by Raghubir Singh

"Ketaki Sheth's mesmerizing images of twins are subtle studies in individuality." – New York Times

“These photographs go beyond a mere immersion in the anthropological oddity of twins. We do not stare, we enter. We see real people, ordinary people, caught in the commonplace of home in Britain and Gujarat, India. We enter a world not just of twins – that is Ketaki Sheth’s nominal subject – but of people. We note the unusual circumstances of so many twins in a single community, but that aspect recedes into the background as we enter so many lives, surrounded by all the telling trappings that help put ourselves into the pictures. We read the pictures as portraits of people and quotidian places – but the place does not matter. These are wonderful photographs!” 
– Raghubir Singh

The surname Patel dates back to the 15th century and was originally a title bestowed by the Moghuls (who ruled India for over 200 years) on those who sorted out village disputes. In the UK alone there are now an estimated 60,000 Patels, many of whom arrived in two major waves of immigration – from Kenya in 1968 and from Uganda in 1972.

ISBN: 1-899235-67-1
80 duotones, 104 pages
195mm x 223mm