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Christopher Broadbent is recognised as a master of still-life. In his photographs he seeks the essential structure of traditional still-life, an orthogonal point-of-view and chiaroscuro delineation. Like his mentors, Chardin and De La Porte, he avoids messages and symbols. He prefers a wooden camera, natural light and long exposures, though sometimes he uses a digital Leica. He makes his own prints on cotton paper. 

Born and educated in England, Broadbent studied cinematography and photography in Paris at the Institut de Hautes Etudes Cinématigraphiques before working in Rome on feature-length films as assistant director. He moved to Milan to direct commercials. Since the 1980s he has concentrated on photography and has produced close to a thousand magazine editorials, advertising campaigns, and monographs.

He has won awards in Italy from the Art Directors Club for his campaigns for Barilla, Star, Pioneer and others. In the United States he won a CLIO award for photography (Gouda) and in Cannes, a cinematography award for Café Hag. He has worked for several years with Condé Nast, NewYork. Broadbent lives and works in Milan.

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